“The #1 unaddressed issue in health is everyday toxic exposures – and this is the handbook for it.”

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"Dr. Valencia Porter stands on the cusp of the next wave, where 'I’m healthy' means 'I’m aware of what should be done, and I am willing to take care of myself.' This attitude takes more words to express, but it simply links self-awareness with self-care. Once you value yourself, you automatically feel the desire to take care of yourself."
~Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Today’s world is filled with challenges – from toxic pollutants to busy stressful lifestyles, from poor diets to physical, mental, and emotional trauma. Your health is a result of these environmental factors interacting with and influencing your personal genetic makeup and tendencies.

And with stress levels rising to an all-time high with so many challenges we are facing in all areas of our lives, it's no wonder that levels of autoimmune illness, allergies, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, digestive distress, and other chronic illnesses are rising.

But the answer is not to give up.

The answer is not putting a band-aid on a broken leg, either.

We must fix to root cause.  And that means seriously looking at the areas of your life that are not serving you and doing something about it.

Resilient Health gives you the tools to make choices with awareness and assess your need for action in a wholistic approach to conscious living. Starting with your personal nourishment with food and moving through each area where you are exposed to physical, mental, emotional and social toxicity, Resilient Health is not just about the process of adapting well in the face of stress, it is about achieving total body, mind, spirit health on a global level.

I invite you to join me on the journey to reclaim your health and thrive!

~Dr. Valencia Porter


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"Don't hesitate! Buy this book!"

"The information that this book provides is golden for anyone dealing with chronic illness and for everyone who wants to feel their best! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dr. Porter's book and started employing some of her tips for "resilient health" upon reading. I've been a healthcare provider for >30 years and suffer from multiple medical issues including chronic pain and inflammation. By following this book's recommendations, I felt my brain fog lift and easily lost weight that I had gained due to inactivity after multiple surgeries and repeated treatments with steroids. I also have noticed that my pain seems to be less severe when I'm following her advice. For those who are struggling with their health and those who want better health, this book is an excellent and enjoyable read!"


“Arm yourself and your family with this valuable information"

"It’s such a challenge to live in this modern-day world, inundated by toxins that we can’t tolerate or avoid. We are exposed and vulnerable. And yet there is hope, because Dr. Valencia Porter’s Resilient Health is exactly the book we all need right now! Arm yourself and your family with this valuable information, implement Dr. Porter’s suggested practices- and you will strengthen your resilience. Resilient Health should be in every home – and used for reference again and again!"

~Lissa CoffeyAuthor of The Perfect Balance Diet, founder of CoffeyTalk.com

"Sheer genius in environmental science".

"Dr. Valencia Porter is a magnificent expression of a modern-day integrative healer - blending her vast expertise in neurology, nutrition, and mind-body healing with her sheer genius in environmental science. In Resilient Health, Dr. Porter helps us navigate through the toxic world around us bringing us back to our innate wholeness. In the process, we heal, strengthen, and learn to thrive!"

~davidji, author of Sacred Powers

"Follow her guidance"

"If you have been wondering why you just cannot get well, Dr. Valencia Porter might have the answer. Environmental toxins that are highly prevalent, yet invisible, may be at the root of what ails you. In Resilient Health, Dr Porter provides straightforward ways to identify sources of toxins and strengthen your body’s detoxification systems. Follow her guidance to detoxify your body and home leading you to robust health!

~Victoria Maizes, MD, author of Be Fruitful: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Fertility and Giving Birth to a Healthy Child



When you order Resilient Health NOW, you’ll get $297 in valuable bonuses!

Join Dr. Valencia Porter as she guides you to take action to tame toxins and reclaim your health. Each week you will be supported and learn more about how to implement the action steps outlined in Resilient Health.

Sleep is vital to our health and wellbeing, allowing the body to rest, rejuvenate, and detoxify. Using the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurvedic Medicine, this guide will help you rebalance your sleep so that you can get the rest you need without harmful side effects of medications.
All 52 Steps to tame toxins and reclaim your health in one handy checklist. Whether you focus on one each week or go at your own pace, taking action on any of the steps will move you towards reduced toxicity and increased health.



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 Dr. Valencia Porter

has worked with Deepak Chopra for the last decade helping people achieve optimal health, utilizing her expertise in both Western medicine and many other modalities including Ayurveda, Functional Medicine and Mind-Body Medicine. Board Certified in both General Preventive Medicine and Integrative Medicine, she is passionate about Environmental Health and has extensively studied environmental toxicity and methods of detoxification to support health. In addition to speaking and consulting, Dr. Porter maintains a private practice where she partners with her patients to provide personalized plans to achieve total mind-body-spirit health and wellbeing.

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